VooV Experience 2018

Voov 2018


 ドイツを、というよりヨーロッパを代表するトランス・フェスティバルのひとつVoov Experienceが生まれてから四半世紀が過ぎた。1992年にスタートしたということだから、今年で26周年を迎える。最も歴史の長いトランス・フェスティバルのひとつということになるだろう。

そうそうたるラインナップの中で、日本からはTSUYOSHI SUZUKIとYUTA の2人がアーティストとして参加。VooVの名物だったダンスフロア中央のウーファーお立ち台はすでになくなってしまったようで残念だが、歴史あるフェスティバルで日本人DJの2人とセッションしながら踊るのは爽快に違いない。


YUTA @ Voov 2018

Voov Experienceのオフィシャルサイトから以下の文章を引用しておく。


Dear VooVians, for more than a quarter of a century, we have been celebrating TOGETHER, with RESPECT and in PEACE.


In these uncertain times, it is even more important to cherish this spirit! We believe that it is enriching to be open towards other cultures, that we are supposed to live COLLECTIVELY on this planet that we are part of, that it is wrong to shut each other out and seclude oneself in small communities or nations. Fear, hatred and fury can only be healed by answering it with our LOVE, with our CURIOSITY and our LAUGHTER! Our chosen language to do so is MUSIC, our expression is DANCE!


We invite you to celebrate with us from 20th to 23rd July, to enjoy excellent music on two floors, to be blown away by the spectacular VooV light and laser-show, and to meet and get to know each other in our beautiful chill-out right next to an idyllic forest pond. We are looking forward to a magical weekend with you! A weekend during which we want to create so much JOY that there will plenty for you to take home with you from the festival site, to spread and to share! In this spirit: ♥ LET’S VOOV TOGETHER! ♥